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Post by Matti on Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:43 pm

Welcome to the Premium Membership!

Forum Design is proud to announce the introduction of our "Premium Member" program.

The Premium Members program gives you the opportunity to support Forum Design and get something in return. Premium membership gives you all of the same features as a normal member plus some important additional features - and your donation helps support the forums.

When and how do Premium Memberships run?
The membership duration starts as soon as the membership makes a payment to the Forum Design.

Life Time Premium Membership: ($10) - Lifetime (Never Expiring)
All Premium Membership are for Life Time. But if you want to remove your account from Premium Members please fell free to contact me.

What's available for me to use?
  • As a Premium Member allows you to get access to downloade special Themes, Homepages and Premium Tutorials.
  • Your username will appear in colors across the forums identifying your Premium Membership status.
  • Your username added to the Forum Leaders page
  • A Premium Member rank shown in your profile
  • Signature Image - Premium members will be permitted to use the [IMG] tag in their signature. A normal user is not permitted to have any images in their signatures, as a premium member you can.

All Premium members will have access to all of our Premium section. To talk with other premium members and Much Much Much more!

Please take a second to login or register as a new user before purchasing a Membership.

Order Now !
Please visit the following link to purchase

Thank You All. Post your Comments Here
Your Forum Design Forum Team.

- Forum Rules and Guidelines
- News and Announcements

- Introduce Yourself!
- General Discussion

- HTML Forum
- CSS Forum

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The more reps I have, the more I can help. Wink

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